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Fujifilm FinePix S8200/S8300/S8400/S8400w/S8500/SL1000 6-Piece Lens Adapter Set

Part No:SL1000K
Unit weight (kg):0.38
Warranty:1 Year

£26.99 Including UK Delivery

In Stock - Usually despatched within: 24 hours


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Further Details

  • 6 Piece Lens Set
  • 72mm Lens Adapter
  • 72mm Ultra Violet (U/V) Filter
  • 72mm Circular Polarising (CPL) Filter
  • 72mm Screw Mount Petal Lens Hood
  • 72mm Lens Cap and Lens Cap Keeper

Product Description

The Kiwifotos SL1000K 6-Piece Lens Kit is the perfect partner for your digital camera. The cameras were not designed to have lens accessories (filters, hood etc) attached but the Kiwifotos SL1000K provides this facility. To allow the camera to operate at all focal ranges (wide angle through to full zoom) the lens adapter has two parts made of black anodized aluminium. With the back component of the adapter you can add a 72mm filter to improve picture quality at the widest zoom without any vignetting although full zoom is not available. If you wish to use full zoom screw both parts together and add a 72mm filter*. The special design of a smooth inner ring of the lens adapter helps protect your expensive camera from scratching during installation

The kit includes:

1. The Kiwifotos LA-72SL1000T Lens Adapter - attached the adapter to the camera and you can attach the supplied lens accessories.

2. 72mm Ultra Violet (U/V) Filter - helps the camera to reduce haze by absorbing the ultra violet rays, and this in turn helps to increase the contrast.

3. 72mm Circular Polarising (CPL) Filter - remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass. They also enable colours to become more saturated and appear more clear, with better contrast.

4. 72mm Screw Mount Lens Hood - a must for every camera enthusiast; primarily designed to avoid unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending and shading the end of the lens.

5. 72mm Lens Cap - snap on caps protect the front of your lens from dust and damage. Two spring claws at opposite sides latch inside the filter thread of the lens or the front thread of a screwed-on filter to keep the lens cap secured and your lens protected.

6. Lens Cap Keeper - Protects against loss of lens cap.

* Vignetting might occur at full zoom

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